We Are NUKLA – Nukla EU

We are NUKLA, and our name is derived from the word Nucleus, ‘the seed’. We are a high-performance, sustainable skincare brand that uses seeds as one and only ingredient. We have emerged from the ancient traditions of the Mediterranean, where feeding from nature, healing with the help of nature, and giving back to nature is the accustomed way of living.

Everything Begins with a Seed

Living in a fast-paced world cuts our ties with nature, so choosing the healthiest options for ourselves becomes more significant than ever. This applies to every aspect of our lives; from the clothes we wear to the way we nourish our bodies, and in our case, the skincare we put on our faces.


That is why NUKLA blends the purest oils of the privileged seeds, extracted with the Privileged Supercritical CO₂ method from factories that are keen on collecting;

  • Kernels obtained from the fruit juice factories (pomegranate, peach, apricot, sour cherry),
  • Best quality products remaining from the refinement processes from flour and ginnery companies (wheat germ, rice bran),
  • Functional foods like sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds from farmers under contract using sustainable agricultural practices,
  • The pulp that is remaining from the processed products used as animal feed, and a small part used as a natural fertilizer.

Our Pledge to a More Sustainable World 

The path we have taken towards a healthier lifestyle with our natural beauty regimen products contributes to a more sustainable and cleaner world as well.

We pride ourselves on using seeds in our products because seeds are commonly mistaken for things to get rid of, yet in reality, they are the miracles of nature as they are the source of life.

Our chemical and additive-free seed oils come in biophotonic glass bottles that are 100% recyclable, reusable, and better for the planet.

These violet-colored glass bottles allow us to provide the NUKLA Society with naturally long shelf-life oils thanks to their harmful ray protection properties.