Privileged Supercritical CO₂ Method – Nukla EU

The Rich Biodiversity of The Mediterranean Meets The Impeccable Technique

NUKLA uses nature’s abundant resources to produce its skincare products. We value seeds deeply as our name has derived from the word Nucleus. We bring carefully selected, most beneficial seeds of the Mediterranean with meticulous extraction technology together. This collaboration provides us with the purest seed extracts, only possible through Privileged Supercritical CO₂ Method.

Privileged Supercritical CO₂ Method

The Privileged Supercritical CO₂ Method is considered the finest extraction method compared to other commercial methods. This procedure uses the power of carbon dioxide, which remains in its gaseous state under normal temperature. When pressurized at a lower temperature, the gas converts into a supercritical fluid that dissolves oils, (along with fat-soluble minerals, vitamins and fatty acids) in herbs, plants, and in our case: Seeds.

Pure and Natural

The seed oil extracted with Privileged Supercritical CO₂ Method is in its purest state because the solvent returns to its gas state when the extraction is complete, leaving no chemical residue. The resulting extract boasts the same molecular profile as the original plant since no heat affected the molecular structure of the seed. This unaltered structure also allows for preserving the original scent of the seed.